Rubber Part and Residue Cleaning

BENEFITS Exceptional experience in the field of rubber part manufacturing Exclusive solutions adapted to every situation RUBBER PART AND RESIDUE CLEANING In addition to possessing extensive experience with some of the major players in the tire industry, Technologies PC Triumph has worked with many rubber parts suppliers in the automotive industry. No matter what rubber residue cleaning problem you’re facing, we have the solution! Our [...]

Metal and Plastic Mould Cleaning

BENEFITS Process developed specifically for the industry Proven solutions for every situation An experienced cleaning partner No risk to the environment METAL AND PLASIC MOULD CLEANING Technologies PC Triumph has developed a series of dry ice jet processes specifically designed to clean metal and plastic moulds. They’re an excellent choice for cleaning metal and plastic moulds, as well as hard-to-reach holes. We’ve also achieved excellent [...]

Cleaning of Manufacturing Residue from Automotive Interiors

BENEFITS Fast, thorough cleaning No secondary residue No spray deposits to clean up and dispose of Benefit from Technologies PC Triumph’s experience No risk to the environment CLEANING OF MANUFACTURING RESIDUE FROM AUTOMOTIVE INTERIORS Plastic and urethane mouldings, firewalls, mats and acoustic membranes, door panels, seats and carpets Over the years, Technologies PC Triumph has developed effective and economical procedures for suppliers of automotive interiors [...]

Welding Line Cleaning and Maintenance

BENEFITS Production increase that may exceed 50% Drastically reduced diagnostic time for electricians and electrical engineers Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week No risk to the environment WELDING LINE CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Technologies PC Triumph has developed processes capable of easily removing excess grease, deposits, sealants, and welding residue for the purposes of preventative maintenance. A complete welding station can be [...]

Electrical and Electronic Component Cleaning

BENEFITS Non-conductive No risk to the most delicate components Fast, thorough cleaning Reduced production downtime: no need to move equipment around, as the cleaning is performed on the spot Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or as part of a regular maintenance program No risk to the environment ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC COMPONENT CLEANING Technologies PC Triumph’s cleaning process for electronic components [...]

Paint Shop Cleaning

BENEFITS Two options available: the dry ice jet or the ultra-high-pressure (40,000 PSI) water process The on-site cleaning method using the dry ice jet doesn’t leave any secondary residue behind Fast, thorough cleaning of all the components of the production line stained by paint, regardless of accumulation Service available on site or at our workshop, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week Pick-up [...]