Dangerous Nuclear Waste

BENEFITS Reduced storage costs Eco-friendly solution Doesn’t generate any new dangerous residues   DANGEROUS NUCLEAR WASTE CLEANING Many conventional cleaning methods for dangerous industrial residues – such as sandstone, water, and certain chemical methods – generate residues that are just as contaminated and that have to be stored like the rest of the dangerous material. This significantly increases storage costs. For example, the residue from [...]

Problems Associated with Fire and Post-Disaster Cleanup

BENEFITS Fast solutions Risk-free for the environment Cleans all surfaces without damaging them Destroys mold at the source Ventilation system cleaning POST-DISASTER, FIRE, AND MOLD CLEANING Technologies PC Triumph has extensive experience in post-disaster cleanup. We continually invest significant amounts of money in research and development to design exclusive processes that are faster and less intrusive than the competition. Damage caused by fire Technologies PC [...]