Technologies Triumph environnementAll industrial cleaning and decontamination work performed by Technologies PC Triumph complies with the environmental standards currently in effect. We invest significant amounts of money in research and development to develop green technologies capable of handling even the toughest jobs.


  • Our dry ice is made from CO2 gas cooled to a very low temperature and made solid.
  • It’s totally eco-friendly and doesn’t emit any toxic gases.
  • Our dry ice jet meets the strict standards of organizations such as the EPA, the FDA, and the USDA for applications in the food, agri-food, and pharmaceutical fields.
  • Dry ice doesn’t create any toxic waste that has to be eliminated afterwards.


  • Our ultra-high-pressure (40,000 PSI) cleaning equipment uses the lowest water flow available, comparable to that of a residential water outlet.
  • For work done in our workshop, we use a wastewater recovery and purification system to reduce our water consumption and protect the environment.


  • All our decontamination work complies with the environmental standards currently in effect.
  • We take all the required steps – such as containment under negative pressure – to eliminate the risks of contamination outside the work area.