Ultra-high-pressure water jet / Hydroblasting
Water-free high-pressure jet
Residue-free high-pressure jet
Decontamination / disinfection / sterilization
Surface preparation / stripping / roughening
Surface restoration
Jet cutting and hydrodemolition
Peelable paint


Technologies PC Triumph is the biggest high-pressure jet specialist in Québec. That’s why you can always count on us to get to work quickly with all the necessary equipment to carry out the job in the shortest possible time.

Much of our equipment has been developed within the context of our ongoing research and development program.

Here’s an overview of the equipment available for your projects:

  • Portable 40,000 PSI ultra-high-pressure water jet units with Cummins diesel engines
  • 40,000 PSI, 175 HP electric ultra-high-pressure water jet unit
  • Portable, gas-powered 5000 to 20,000 PSI high-pressure water jet units
  • Hybrid, high-pressure multi-media jet units
  • Dry steam jet units
  • Multi-media jet units
  • Over 15 high-pressure dry ice jet units
  • Dozens of specialized nozzles developed for specific jobs
  • Water filtration and recovery system
  • HEPA vacuum cleaners
  • High-performance Tiger Vac vacuum cleaners
  • Negative air pressure units